Ready to start, grow, and monetize a YouTube channel?

But the problem is you just can't seem to get started and grow it fast enough


Imagine if in 30 days you had your channel up, running, with a bank of binge-worthy content and optimized for profitability

I want to help you create a profitable Youtube channel in just 30 days by teaching you everything I did that helped me to get monetized in 3 weeks, earning 6 figures in 1 year, and earning almost $400,000 in year 2.



YouTube is immense.

I never before knew that YouTube had the capacity to allow me to:

  • Earn passive income that keeps coming in even while you’re on vacation.
  • Develop multiple streams of income from your content.
  • Create my own meaningful and fulfilling work by identifying how I can provide viewers with free helpful content on YouTube .
  • Build my channel as a business and deduct my channel expenses such as equipment, software, and home office.
  • Work on my own terms, when I want

Stop feeling OVERWHELMED and start GROWING

with a clear step-by-step plan

Growing a channel takes hard work, consistency, and dedication and there's no promise here of a magic easy income - but the key is a clear plan of action in an easy step-by step process that guides you along the way so you can begin to grow.


Create a channel that has no income ceiling

There's no instant magic here - this is going to take work, consistency, and dedication. But the best things about YouTube is that for those who put in the work, there is no limit to your income earning potential. You will develop a clear plan for monetization including streams of income that can start growing right away.


Stop feeling like you aren't ready - you now have all the tools to begin

Go from not feeling ready to having a published bank of binge worthy videos all optimized for SEO, your target viewer's interests, what will actually rank you in searches, and what will grab the algorithm's attention. You don't need fancy equipment. You don't need experience. You just need to start.


Not just another confusing course…

  • 30 Days of itemized tasks, educational videos, and tools
  • Time saving templates to help you create everything fast
  • A 170 page workbook that maps everything out with daily guides, planners, worksheets, and resources

YouTube 30 Day Kickstarter

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Are you ready to start and grow a profitable YouTube channel?

This  30 day program pack an immense amount of training, tools, and supported tasks needed to not only start or grow your channel but approach your channel as a business built for profitability.   You’ll learn how to:

  • Start a channel, plan, and create content
  • Use a combination of research, analytics, and tools to determine and tailor your content around what viewers are likely to respond to the most
  • Learn the various ways you can monetize your channel and create multiple streams of income from your channel

Whether your channel hasn't been started yet or you need help to grow an existing channel, we map out a clear plan of action for creators who are dedicated to growing their channel and profitability.

What's Included In The Course...

Key steps to plan, start, grow your channel completely mapped out for you

30 days worth of tasks designed to help you build your channel form the ground up, including:

  • Goal, content, and video planning tools
  • Walk throughs of equipment needed and setups explained for $, $$, and $$$ budgets
  • Basic video editing walk through for desktop or mobile
  • Templates to help you create banners, graphics, thumbnails and social media content effortlessly

You’ll finish this course with a channle, four videos, social media accounts, graphics, and a plan for what to create next based on data

Ways to make money on YouTube and increase profitability

There are more ways to earn income from your channel than just ad revenue! You'll learn:

  • How get monetized on YouTube so you get paid for the ads that play in videos
  • How to join affiliate networks, share affiliate links, and get sponsors
  • How to use your channel as a funnel to convert viewers to customers by creating and selling digital products shared on your channel

You’ll finish this course with a plan for monetization and steps to help you reach your goal

How to run your channel as a business

Believe it or not, having a YouTube channel is a business! You'll need to understand

  • How to use your equipment and software as tax deductions
  • How to register a business and your tax obligations
  • How to keep yourself safe on the internet as a public channel

You’ll finish this lesson with an understanding of your business and tax obligations, how to grow your business and keep it safe, and how to save money on taxes by deducting your expenses

Ultimate tricks for driving traffic and getting the algorithm to recommend your videos

The key to your channel's success is getting your views and subscribers to snowball in growth.  You'll learn:

  • How the YouTube algorithm decides which content to be shown to more viewers
  • How to use tools to determine the topics, keywords, and search terms that will get you the most views with least amount of competition
  • How to encourage engagement, activity, and click through rate

Also included is the printable Kickstarter Workbook...

  • 30 days of task lists
  • Planning worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Resources + Tools
  • Done-for-you templates

I'm Ginny Silver

When I started a channel in 2020 I had no idea that it would snowball in just two years to receiving over 12 million views and start earning me $18,000-$60,000 per month. I never realized the opportunity for immense profitability on YouTube before and the numbers shocked me.

As someone who is an introvert who never though about starting a channel prior to the pandemic, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed creating my channel, accruing subscribers, and creating content that was valuable and helpful in solving my viewer's problems and needs.

The best part about YouTube is that there are many different ways you can integrate monetization into your channel in order to build a sustainable, profitable business - it just takes time, dedication, and knowing exactly what plan of action and steps to take.

Learn how to run your channel as a profitable business

So many don't realize the potential YouTube has as a business itself or as an extension of your business. In addition to merely teaching you how to start a channel, I want to teach you how to start a channel as a business and grow it to profitability.


I had the same struggles as you

But this is JUST what YouTube paid me, and does NOT include

  • Uncomfortable in front of a camera
  • No filming or video editing experience
  • Unsure of the right steps
  • Afraid I wouldn't get views in a sea of competition

The key is to JUST GET STARTED. YouTube is an eternal learning and growth process - there is always more to learn.  If you don't get started now, you only slow your progress and potential earnings.  Let me equip you with all of the knowledge, tools, and tips to grow as quickly as possible.

Imagine what we can build in 30 days

Don't waste another day for the timing to be right, your equipment to be better, your skills to feel stronger, or for your imposter syndrome or embarrassment to fade - they won't until you just get started creating.



Take a look at one month of my YouTube Ad Revenue earnings…

But this is JUST what YouTube paid me, and does NOT include

  • $1200 in affiliate income
  • $2000 in sponsorships
  • $500 in digital product sales

That in total amounted to $21,700+ monthly income from my YouTube channel.

But don't get me wrong - this is HARD to achieve and takes work and dedication. It is incredibly difficult to build a channel with this level of income, but it is 100% possible and I want to give you the best possible tools for success so you can build a thriving business in your channel over time.

What's Included?

  • Over 40 bite sized training videos covering every aspect of planning, creating, monetizing, and growing your channel
  • 170 pages of worksheets, evaluations, checklists, and helpful tools
  • Copy/paste templates to get sponsors and collaborations, popular sponsors for YouTubers, and affiliate networks
  • Daily schedule with clear task list for each video, worksheet, and task to complete each of the 30 days

In 30 days you can have...

A niched channel optimized with keywords with the highest possibility to rank on YouTube and Google searches, a bank of binge-worthy videos on your channel, multiple ways to monetize your channel with a clear plan and tools to get started, an understanding of how to run your channel as a business, and methods to automate traffic driving strategies and get found and the support and tools you need to grow.