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  Are you ready to start and grow a profitable YouTube channel? This  30 day program pack an immense amount of training, tools, and supported tasks needed to not only start or grow your channel but approach your channel as a business built for profitability.   You’ll learn how to: Start a channel, plan, and create content Use a combination of research, analytics, and tools to determine and tailor your content around what viewers are likely to respond to the most Learn the various ways you can monetize your channel and create multiple streams of income from your channel Whether your channel hasn't been started yet or you need help to grow an existing channel, we map out a clear plan of action for creators who are dedicated to growing their channel and profitability. Included In The Course...   Key steps to plan, start, grow your channel completely mapped out for you 30 days worth of tasks designed to help you build your channel form the ground up, including: Goal, content, and video planning tools Walk through of equipment needed and setups explained for $, $$, and $$$ budgets Basic video editing walk through for desktop or mobile Templates to help you create banners, graphics, thumbnails and social media content effortlessly You’ll finish this course with a channel, four videos, social media accounts, graphics, and a plan for what to create next based on data   Ways to make money on YouTube and increase profitability With your credit in good shape, the next step is to build a sizable nest egg you can rely on. In this lesson, you’ll learn: How get monetized on YouTube so you get paid for the ads that play in videos How to join affiliate networks, share affiliate links, and get sponsors How to use your channel as a funnel to convert viewers to customers by creating and selling digital products shared on your channel You’ll finish this course with a plan for monetization and steps to help you reach your goal   How to run your channel as a business Believe it or not, having a YouTube channel is a business! You'll need to understand How to use your equipment and software as tax deductions How to register a business and your tax obligations How to keep yourself safe on the internet as a public channel You’ll finish this lesson with an understanding of your business and tax obligations, how to grow your business and keep it safe, and how to save money on taxes by deducting your expenses   Ultimate tricks for driving traffic and getting the algorithm to recommend your videos The key to your channel's success is getting your views and subscribers to snowball in growth.  You'll learn: How the YouTube algorithm decides which content to promote and how to be shown to more viewers How to use tools to determine the topics, keywords, and search terms that will get you the most views with least amount of competition How to encourage engagement, activity, and click through rate The course videos are paired with a detailed printable workbook with daily task lists for each of the 30 days, planning worksheets, and more to help through the process in a clear and organized way. You’ll finish this course with a variety of tools and methods to help drive traffic to your channel to boost its growth and get monetized faster ----->NO RISK, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Not happy with the content/value provided? Let us know at [email protected] within the first 7 days of your product access (access begins 5/1/23) and we will issue you a full refund no questions asked.

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