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The California Small Business Roadmap is not intended as legal, tax, or financial advice and is intended as a resource to compile helpful generalized steps in building a business and generating systems and improving profitability. This does not take the place of consulting tax and legal professionals. 

California Small Business Roadmap

The California Small Business Roadmap is a 20 phase plan for small business growth, success, efficiency, and profitability for the modern entrepreneur who wants to work smarter not harder and ditch the uncertainty of the business growth process.

The roadmap is created in a simple checklist supplemented with government links and suggested tools form which provides a straight forward approach to help you manage the overwhelm, uncertainty, and confusion that come with starting a business and knowing what to work on and in which order when there are such an overwhelming amount of tasks to complete as an entrepreneur.

If you are someone who wishes that someone could just simplify the process of growing a business for you and help you focus on small actionable steps for growth, this product is for you.

For less than that overpriced cup of fancy coffee, get INSTANT ACCESS to a checklist that breaks down what steps most California small businesses will want to take to build a sustainable, profitable business.