6 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start TODAY — Beginner Friendly!

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The problem with many passive income streams is that so many of the options require a significant amount of experience, software or equipment, or a huge following online in order to be profitable.

Here are six ideas for digital products that anyone can create, regardless of experience level or following. You can create each of these in less than an hour, and start selling them online within minutes to create streams of future passive income.

1. Creating Social Media Templates

Business owners, influencers and anyone else who is trying to promote something online are searching for ways that they can quickly and easily share content on their social media platforms.

The fastest way for these business owners to do this is to purchase a template to create a beautiful branded look to share within their posts. Pre-designed templates allow business owners to quickly download something that represents their brand’s color scheme and aesthetic and quickly and plug in their own content.

In order to make these easily, create a free account on a website called Canva. Canva is the easiest graphic design website that is completely free, and gives you access to many design elements and templates.

Canva also allows you to sell your designs as long you are making your own unique design and customizing their provided graphics. In order to sell these, upload them onto a platform such as Etsy where many small business owners are searching for social media templates.

2. Children’s Educational Materials

The next digital product that anyone can create in under an hour are children’s educational materials. There’s a huge market for parents, educators, and homeschoolers who are searching for children’s educational materials that they can download online, print at home, and utilize with their children or students.

These educational materials can be incredibly simple and easy to make. Parents and educators are very frequently searching for things as simple as alphabet cards, counting cards, simple matching games, as well as more informative documents such as guidebooks, workbooks and other educational materials.

In order to create these, you don’t need to have any art skills. All you need is a free Canva account which will give you access to their stock photos and design elements. Once again, as long as you are incorporating those elements into your own unique design, then Canva will allow you to sell them.

3. Creating Printable Art

The next digital product idea is printable art — and no, you do not actually have to be an artist in order to sell printable art. Customers are often in search of artwork to their place in their home, but may have a smaller budget in mind. Etsy allows them to locate beautiful prints for their wall, download the digital file, and they can then print it at home or send it to a printing service to be framed. Once again, you can use Canva to create these high quality digital art downloads — and as long as you making your own unique design, you are allowed to sell it.

4. Creating Planner and Organizational Templates

The next digital product idea are creating planners and organizational templates that customers can modify to better organize and plan their days, their week, or year. Organizational templates can include anything from a date planner, to a meal planner, to a children’s chore chart, as well as a variety of other templates.

5. Business Templates

The next digital product idea are various types of business templates available for download and customization. Small business owners have a lot of tasks to complete and very little time, so they are a great target market who would be interested in designs that can help simplify their processes.

This can include things such as a template for creating a business plan, a template for creating an invoice, and a variety of other products geared with a small business owner in mind. Once again, these are going to be created on Canva and sold in a marketplace such as Etsy.

6. Publishing Low Content Books

The last digital product idea to use Kindle Direct Publishing to create low content books. A low content book is something such as a workbook, a coloring book, a word search book, or journal. These books to not need to contain a pages of writing, but rather workbook pages or lined pages for a journal.

You can create the cover using a free account in Canva, then you can create the interior pages using Book Bolt or Tangent Templates. Once you have created your journal, create a KDP account for free and upload your book there. Once your book sells, KDP will automatically print it on demand and ship it out to the customer.

With all of these digital product ideas, the key to making a significant amount of money is going to be creating a large volume of different designs and publishing those designs frequently in conjunction with a marketing plan.

Want to learn more about how you can create passive income? Watch the video here!


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