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Affiliate Income Bootcamp

A simple step-by-step system easy enough to get up and running in just 5 days of bite-sized lessons and simple tasks all completed in about 15 minutes each day.



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Hi, I'm Ginny Silver

I'm a business coach, internationally published award wining entrepreneur, contributing author for Entrepreneur Media, and Youtuber.  In just one year over $200,000 of my income came just from affiliate income - sharing products and services I love with my audience and receiving a referral commission in return. Affiliate marketing is highly profitable IF done correctly and can grow to become a wonderful source of recurring passive income.

Unfortunately, many business owners don't realize that they can be implementing affiliate marketing in their business model and are missing out on a huge opportunity - leaving thousands of dollars on the table they never knew about.

I want to show you exactly how to set this up quickly, easily, and effectively so you too can develop streams of affiliate income fast.


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Go from nothing to functional affiliate income earning machine in 5 days of tasks, just 15 minutes a day


5 short, simple, to the point, tutorial lessons to help you get up and running without the unnecessary fluff


A companion workbook to help you with each step of the process in a clear, organized, simple method


5 days of simple task lists designed to have clear, actionable, never overwhelming steps

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